With all the HHO generator plans available it is hard to tell which
HHO plans to buy. If you have had a chance to review HHO plans, hydroxy
plans or Browns gas generator plans or manuals you will notice the
quality varies some plans are lacking information and others are a
complete set of step by step HHO instructions with drawings and photos
to make cells or generators The following HHO generator plans have been
reviewed and would recommend for their information. If you searched for
HHO gas how to this is a great source of instructions.

The first set of complete plans are very thorough and are the most popular and have sold the most.

Why should you buy  because you get all the information you could possibly need to build
the basic HHO system for as little as $60 using simple tools and stuf
you can find around town and your local hardware store. Easy
instructions 100% satisfaction GUARANTEED. These plans are the best

The second set of HHO plans are less expensive and also have a parts
list and are straight to the point. No fluff here. These are some of
the easiest and simplest instructions to follow. Includes a forum for
discussion and support has been very responsive.

These are both good sets of plans to build your own HHO system. They are available for immediate download.